A Ring for You, Me & a little one


This is a bespoke item. If you would like something similar please contact Laura.
Material: 9 Karat Rose Gold
Dimension: N/A
Weight: 15

This ring has 3 Australian sapphires set on a band made of 9 carat rose gold. Each of the sapphires is a slightly different colour and were carefully selected to fit together in this unique setting that Laura designed and created by hand.

It was made using 100% reclaimed/recycled gold. For some information on why it’s a great idea to use reclaimed/recycled gold click here.

This bring little ring comes gift packaged in a wooden box made by the New Zealand team at GIVE. These guys make special bespoke wooded jewellery boxes for Coral Covey that are made from sustainable forest woods with care, quality and workmanship. Included is also special care instructions for the ring.

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Not sure of your ring size, click here to find out what size you need. If you need guidance, please email Laura to discuss details – coral@coralcoveyessentials.com. Not sure of your ring size, click here to find out what size you need.



Customer Testimonials

“My partner and I engaged Laura with the task of commissioning a unique piece of jewellery. Laura was loosely briefed by my partner and totally took the concept and ran with it. Communication was forthcoming with frequent updates along the way, including illustrations and photos of concepts. The final product blew all involved away! Couldn’t recommend Coral Covey any more thoroughly!”

Jason Waters

“My favourite thing about Laura’s creations are that each piece is different. They are all uniquely designed and made by hand, so no two are the same”

Lauren Murray

“In a world awash with jewellery, I have so rarely found a jeweller who places so much importance on minimising the environmental impact of their work as Laura does with Coral Covey. Brilliant!”

Katrina Phillips
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