Edelweiss of Bavaria

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Material: Sterling Silver
Dimension: 17 x 4 x 17 mm
Chain Length: 40cm
Weight: 4.7

This sterling silver flower pendant was designed and handmade by Laura. It uses reclaimed/recycled sterling silver and surface has a brushed matt finish. It comes gift packaged and with special care instructions. Note – every flower is handmade and has a unique – no two are exactly identical.

For some information on why it’s important to use reclaimed/recycled silver click here.

This piece was originally made for Siglinde. Sigi comes from a traditional Bavarian village called Berchtesgaden, not far from Munich. On special occasions like weddings or celebrations, and especially once a year during the grand celebration of Oktoberfest, Sigi puts on her traditional dress and completes this traditional ensemble with her flower pendant (and earrings). Based on the Edelweiss this sweet flower pendant is perfect for any occasion.

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This pendant is handmade to order by Laura, so please allow 3-5 working days for Laura to make it and bring it to the post.

Customer Testimonials

” There is something very special about knowing where my jewellery comes from and the hands that crafted it. I get compliments every time I wear my earrings from Laura.”

Meghan Kitchen

“I am so delighted with the ring Laura designed and made for me. It exceeded my already high expectations! It was great to work with such a thoughtful professional who uses environmentally friendly materials and practices”

Amy James

“Laura was attentive and really listened to what I wanted. She is very friendly and easy to deal with, communicating through the process with sketches, test models and the finer details. I would highly recommend Laura for any jewellery with a personal touch. It makes it all the better knowing its made from reclaimed silver!”

Bronwyn Withers
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