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This piece was custom made. If you would like something similar please contact Laura.
Material: Sterling Silver
Dimension: 12 x 12 x 12
Weight: 0

You could be forgiven for not quite understanding what the custom piece is here. That’s because this was a really special commission for Jo’s entire family. Jo got in touch with me to talk to me about making a piece for her sister, aunty and mum. Recently Jo’s grandfather (Gran) had passed away and as the family mourned their loss she realised she wanted to give the women closest to her something truly special. In discussing the jewellery pieces Jo would often tell stories about Gran and it was so lovely to hear of her relationship with someone so special. We chatted about what was important to her family and icons they all identified with. Five main symbols became evident:

Family, love, home, ribbons and the four leaf clover. The clover was particularly important for all of them as it was the symbol on Gran’s front door and an icon they all knew and remembered so fondly. Each piece includes these symbols but made differently for each person. Her mum has a larger pendant, her aunty a small pendant and her sister a set of earrings, each piece telling its own story of family, love, home and good luck. All the ingredients you need for a beautiful life.

Each piece is handmade from 100% reclaimed/recycled sterling silver. To find out why it is important that we use reclaimed/recycled silver click here

If you are interested in something similar or would like to ask Laura about commissioning you a piece for any occasion, simply send her an email:

Customer Testimonials

“I was introduced to Coral Covey through friends as I was looking for a gift for my sister, Cara. Not being a wearer of jewellery myself I loved the elegance of Laura’s work. I purchased the Folded Form Earrings and my sister loved them! I highly recommend Coral Covey for anybody looking for unique design with expert craftsmanship”

Enda McDermott

“I love my Ace’s Wiggle Ring! It’s unique, it’s beautiful and the craftsmanship is superb. Part of the experience was the fantastic service I received; the considerate help when choosing my ring, the regular updates while my ring was being made, and the beautiful presentation when it arrived. I couldn’t be happier.”

Paul Canterbery

” There is something very special about knowing where my jewellery comes from and the hands that crafted it. I get compliments every time I wear my earrings from Laura.”

Meghan Kitchen
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