Orion of the Night


This is a bespoke item. If you would like something similar please contact Laura.
Material: Blackened Sterling Silver
Dimension: 48 x 23 x 2mm
Chain Length: 68
Weight: 14.3

You’re never too old to wish upon a star!

Since childhood, Marie has been fascinated by the stars. He Grandfather flamed her passion with many  evenings spent gazing through his telescope on their countryside porch. The first constellation he taught her about was Orion, and to this day, she searches for it in the starry night sky. An intrepid traveller, she finds it wherever she goes, it helps her to feel at home, whether she is in Melbourne or Stockholm.

When Marie’s Grandfather passed away, I made this pendant for her in his memory so that she could wear it close to her heart, treasuring the memories of him for a lifetime.

The Orion constellation is named after a hunter in Greek mythology. Visible across the world, even in Australia, we sometime refer to Orion’s belt and sword as the saucepan or pot. It is most visible from January to March (Winter in the Norther Hemisphere and Summer in the Southern Hemisphere). Orion’s seven brightest stars form a distinctive pattern in the evening sky. Fours stars form a large, rectangular shape, in the centre of which lie the three stars of Orion’s belt. Descending from the belt are three smaller stars that form Orion’s sword.

Marie’s Orion pendant is made from 100% reclaimed sterling silver with a natural sulphur oxide used to blacken the silver surface. The all important stars have been carefully carved into the surface, forming Orion’s constellation in memory of Marie’s beloved Grandfather.

Customer Testimonials

“My favourite thing about Laura’s creations are that each piece is different. They are all uniquely designed and made by hand, so no two are the same”

Lauren Murray

“I love my Ace’s Wiggle Ring! It’s unique, it’s beautiful and the craftsmanship is superb. Part of the experience was the fantastic service I received; the considerate help when choosing my ring, the regular updates while my ring was being made, and the beautiful presentation when it arrived. I couldn’t be happier.”

Paul Canterbery

“We treasure our handmade rings everyday. Laura was fantastic to work with!”

Ben & Sarah Fancke
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