Kate’s oak leaf bridal headpiece

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This is a custom piece that is not available for purchase. Get in touch if you are after something similar!

Jewellery Description:

Kate and I met at a cafe in Melbourne to talk about her ideas for a special wedding headpiece. She was so excited about her big day, it was lovely to see. We shared a coffee and talked about all the details she had organised so far for her wedding – it was clear Kate had taken her time, enjoying getting every detail just right. I loved how calm and thoughtful she was.

When we talk about her headpiece she show me some examples of what she had found online. “I’d like something similar to this, but these all feel so machine made and mass produced. I really want something special, handmade and unique.” she said.”I would also like to use the oak leaf. It’s a Celtic tradition that means strength, power and wisdom and as an Irish woman it’s an important element for me” she continued.

I began by doing a few sketches and trials, thinking about how I would make something in sterling silver light enough to wear comfortably. I formed the shapes in wax first and then had them cast in 100% reclaimed sterling silver. Finally, I soldered all the leaves on their branch and made a comb from sterling silver also. The finish is a brushed matt finish with the edges of the leaves polished to give them a shinny glimmer.

“The end result was so beautiful, more than I could have ever imagined!” – Kate Masterson.

It was such a pleasure to create this piece for Kate. Wishing you a fabulous day!


Material: Sterling Silver
Dimension: 106 x 90 x 10mm
Chain Length: NA
Weight: 34


Customer Testimonials

“I loved the experience of dealing with Laura. Her assistance and guidance in the development stages of my custom made bangle was wonderful and her correspondence was greatly appreciated.”

Jean White

“I have a Coral Covey original – It is delicate and beautifully made. I love it. I can’t speak highly enough of Laura and the pieces she creates.”

Lynn Heath

“My partner and I engaged Laura with the task of commissioning a unique piece of jewellery. Laura was loosely briefed by my partner and totally took the concept and ran with it. Communication was forthcoming with frequent updates along the way, including illustrations and photos of concepts. The final product blew all involved away! Couldn’t recommend Coral Covey any more thoroughly!”

Jason Waters
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