Freya’s Sausage Dog Pendant

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Jewellery Description:

As a dog lover, Freya often imagined a pet of her own, however with full time work, living in a city and often traveling with work, she never thought she would find the time to care for her own four-legged friend. Then, one winter whilst visiting a friend in Munich, she met a little Sausage Dog/Jack Russel mix, named ‘Guti’ – it was love at first sight! She and Guti were like old souls who had finally been reunited after a lifetime apart. They enjoyed long walks along Munich’s stunning river, followed by snuggles on the couch. But after five days it was time for Freya to return home to Scotland, and they begrudgingly parted ways. Upon returning home Guti was still fresh in her mind, there was a void in her life and she realised she had to add a ‘sausage’ to her life. Freya moved to the countryside and adjusted her lifestyle to accommodate a tiny, black, satin coated dog named ‘Otto’. Soon after, a light brown pup named ‘Ivy’ joined their clan and the three of them started their Scottish adventure. In a wee cottage tucked up behind the rolling hills of Dundee you will find all three undoubtedly cosy in front of a warm open fire.

This dachsund is made from 100% reclaimed/recycled sterling silver. The surface has been blackened with a natural sulfur oxide, giving it a darker finish, while the eyes, nose and tail are polished allowing a special glimmer. This pendant comes with a 45cm long sterling silver chain and custom made bone clasp. It is gift packaged and comes with special care instructions.
Note – every dachshund is handmade – no two are exactly identical.

Material: Blackened Sterling Silver
Dimension: 38 x 5 x 12
Chain Length: 45
Weight: 7.3


Customer Testimonials

“I have a Coral Covey original – It is delicate and beautifully made. I love it. I can’t speak highly enough of Laura and the pieces she creates.”

Lynn Heath

” I love and admire that sustainability and the environment are quintessential parts of the ethos at Coral Covey. I have purchased several pieces from Laura for myself and as gifts and I love the classic, elegant and fun designs. Laura is a consummate professional and skilled designer and jeweller.”

Eli M.

“It was a great pleasure working with Laura on my very own custom made ring. She is gifted designer and innovative creator.”

Amy Gaskin
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