Chunky Monkey Ring


This is a bespoke item. If you would like something similar please contact Laura.
Material: 9 Karat White Gold
Dimension: N/A
Weight: 0

This is a chunky monkey of a ring!

Karen approached me about making a ring using stones she had inherited from her great aunt. When I saw the stones I thought, “wow, this is going to be a very three-dimensional ring!”, but as I told Karen this and explained how large the setting would need to be to accommodate these stones, she looked completely unfazed. “I love chunky jewellery!” she told me with confidence.

The sapphire, the garnet and the tourmaline snuggle up against each other, wrestling for the top spot. The claw setting is chunky but also fine enough not to detract from the natural beauty of the stones. Both chaos and harmony work side-by-side to help bring this ring together.

I gifted this ring to Karen in a wooden box made by the New Zealand team at GIVE. Bespoke wooded jewellery boxes made from sustainable forest woods with care, quality and workmanship. Included is also special care instructions for the ring.

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If you need guidance regarding sizes, please email Laura to discuss details –


Customer Testimonials

” I love and admire that sustainability and the environment are quintessential parts of the ethos at Coral Covey. I have purchased several pieces from Laura for myself and as gifts. I LOVE her classic, elegant and clever designs. Laura is a consummate professional and a skilled designer and jeweller.”

Eli Melis

“I have commissioned Laura to design and create several pieces for me and my expectations have been exceeded every time. Her passion for both the origins of materials and commitment to telling a story is in itself sheer artistry.”

Ruth Hollin

“I am so delighted with the ring Laura designed and made for me and my partner. They exceeded my already high expectations! It was great to work with such a thoughtful professional who uses environmentally friendly materials and practices”

Amy James
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