Benny’s Silver Square Star Cufflinks

$195.00 AUD

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Jewellery Description:

Wandering though the museum on a wintry day he asked me “Do you know what that is?”, “Um, no” I replied. “It’s a double helix structure – the shape of our DNA”. Benny is a scientist who has always taken the time to explain things to me. He thinks about things differently from most people and sees the world in all its fine detail. These cufflinks were made for Benny to celebrate the completion of his Ph.D. Congratulations Dr. Benny! Handmade using reclaimed sterling silver with a brushed matt finish every cufflink has an individual star engraving – no two are the same.

Material: Sterling Silver
Dimension: 19 x 19 x 24mm
Weight: 7.5


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