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Material: 18 Karat Rose Gold
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Benny and Sare are both scientists who met at work almost ten years ago and fell in love. They are a beautiful couple full of laughter and fun, so when they asked me to make their wedding bands I was honoured.

We met at a restaurant in town so I could start the design process and discuss what materials they preferred. With years of experience working with clients to make custom pieces for special occasions, I was able to guide them through this early creative process, and very quickly I had a page of potential sketched ideas.

Benny and Sare talked about a very memorable and romantic holiday they had taken to South America, where they visited a mountain range in Patagonia called Torres del Paine. Benny had decided while they were trekking through these stunning mountains that this was the place for his proposal to Sare.

He wasn’t prepared with a ring, so instead he picked up a flower, which is unique to that area, and proposed with this frailejón. Later, of course, Benny gave Sare a beautiful ring – one which had belonged to his grandmother. As the couple talked about their holiday, they asked me if I could incorporate something symbolising this special time. I suggested engraving images on the two wedding rings of the special flower, the frailejón, and the iconic Torres del Paine mountain range.

Sare wanted her wedding ring to fit with her platinum 950 engagement ring, so I designed the shape of the band to fit around the jewel in platinum. Benny chose 18 karat rose gold and wanted a slightly thicker band than Sare. Despite the differences in material, shape and colour, the engravings featured on his and her wedding bands effortlessly unite them together as a pair.

I carved both rings by hand from solid wax with a file, then a process called Lost Wax Casting was used to create the solid metal rings. The rings were finished with a special technique to highlight the engraving on each ring.

Benny and Sare were thrilled with the final pieces and felt connected to the memories they symbolised and the promise of the future they represent.

Congratulations Benny and Sare!

Customer Testimonials

“We treasure our handmade rings everyday. Laura was fantastic to work with!”

Ben & Sarah Fancke

“My partner and I engaged Laura with the task of commissioning a unique piece of jewellery. Laura was loosely briefed by my partner and totally took the concept and ran with it. Communication was forthcoming with frequent updates along the way, including illustrations and photos of concepts. The final product blew all involved away! Couldn’t recommend Coral Covey any more thoroughly!”

Jason Waters

“I met with Laura to discuss commissioning a custom made sterling silver headpiece for my wedding. Everything in the shops seems so mass produced and I wanted something truly special. Laura asked all the right questions and created exactly what I wanted. She kept me informed the whole way. The end result was so beautiful, more than I could have ever imagined!”

Kate Masterson
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