Development Issues

  • Styling handheld
  • order itemcount
  • cart in footer handheld?
  • Cart page table styling
  • checkout page styling
  • handheld margins
  • handheld page title margin
  • Your order in handheld menu
  • stripe live api keys
  • bank transfer setup
  • paypal apis
  • checkout payment process (message?)
  • Order confirmation mail styling
  • remove woocommerce stylesheet?
  • cleanup main stylesheet
  • wedding rings text home page
  • text formatting for jewellery section handheld
  • layout of single product page
  • blog overview formatting
  • blog single formatting
  • check all page urls


  • Your Order mini cart styling
  • Fix non-functioning ajax cart
  • add in javascript standard functions script from old site
  • footer styling
  • update footer sections with correct legal info
  • update font weight in menu
  • move main nav into separate sidebar

Home Page:

  • separate links for home/other pages in main nav
  • test jewellery filter
  • jewellery tile styling
  • remove link from section heading on homepage
  • styling of h2 on home page
  • add in secondary images to packagin seciton
  • reverse order of jewellery items
  • adjust tile info styling
  • add text for wedding rings

Single product page:

  • import original styling
  • image gallery styling
  • update styling for wc specific markup
  • fix upsell error
  • hide order quantity
  • move description to short description field and remove standard text
  • fix price/tax layout based on geolocation

Blog landing page:

  • adjust thumbnail image size
  • adjust date format
  • Reduce except length??
  • make tiles table cell styling

Blog single page:

  • fix image rendering
  • fix error
  • update all blog author to lauzie


  • add translatable strings for all hard coded text
  • fix cart ajax translate problem


  • page top margin adjustment with menu bar
  • user page

Other pages/stuff:

  • import newletter users to mailchimp
  • upload newsletter assets
  • css styling for newsletter
  • debug newsletter template file and test send