Last Saturday Polarstern (our energy provider) offered their customers a guided tour of the hydroelectricity station at Feldkirchen on the river Inn. We were shown all the effort that goes into ensuring, maintaining and developing the habitat for all the animals, fish, amphibians and insects along the river Inn, running from Passau to Rosenheim. In addition we were given a tour through all aspects of the system used to provide thousands of homes and businesses with 100% renewable electricity. It was really interesting!

To read a little more about Polarstern check out the Ethics and Environment page.

Polarstern is a local Munich company just down the road (literally) from the Coral Covey studio. They are committed to providing their customers with 100% renewable electricity & gas.

For more information visit their website Polarstern.

Their electricity comes soley from the hydro-electricity station at Feldkirchen while their gas is produced exclusively from the waste made when processing organic sugar beets. By avoiding the use of manure or energy crops such as monoculture maize, Polarstern are proud to call their gas truly sustainable and carbon neutral.

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