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Benny & Sare’s Wedding Rings

Benny & Sare’s Wedding Rings

Benny and Sare asked me to design their wedding rings earlier this year. The couple who are both scientists working in the medical field, met at work almost ten years ago. They were excited to be planning their autumn wedding and knew that they wanted something truly personal for their rings, but otherwise were unsure where to start.

We met together to brainstorm some ideas and discuss what materials they wanted to use. With years of experience working with clients to make custom pieces for special occasions, I was able to guide them through this early creative process, and very quickly we had a page of ideas of what they wanted.



Above: some of the development sketches created as a result of our meeting.

Benny and Sare talked about a really memorable holiday that they went on to South America, where they visited a mountain range in Patagonia called Torres del Paine. It was while they were trekking through these stunning mountains, that Benny decided he would ask Sare to marry him. He wasn’t prepared with a ring, so instead he picked up a flower, which is unique to that area, and proposed with this frailejón. Later, of course, Benny gave Sare a beautiful ring – one which had belonged to his grandmother. As the couple talked about their holiday, they asked me if I could incorporate something symbolising this special time. I suggested engraving some images on the two wedding rings to unify them, and they asked me to use the frailejón and the iconic mountain range.


Above: images of me carving out the size shapes and engraving the mountain and flower into the wax.

Sare wanted her wedding ring to sit right next to her engagement ring, so I designed the shape of the band fit around the jewel. Benny chose 18 carat Rose Gold, whilst Sare wanted 18 carat Platinum White Gold to complement her engagement ring. Despite the differences in material, shape and colour, the engravings featured on his and her wedding bands unite them together as a pair.

Above: images of how Sare’s engagement ring fits into her wedding band. Both made in 18 carat Platinum White Gold.

Both rings were carved by hand from solid wax with a file, then a process called Lost Wax Casting was used to create a solid metal ring. The rings were finished with a special technique to highlight the engraving on each ring.

The couple were thrilled with the final pieces and truly felt connected to the memories they symbolised and the promise of the future they represented.

Congratulations Benny and Sare!