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Paul & Ange’s Wedding Rings

Paul & Ange’s Wedding Rings

Paul and Ange came to Coral Covey with a simple request. “We want wedding rings that are classic but have something unique and romantic about them”

Firstly, we started with the material. Both Paul and Ange preferred a silver colour metal rather than the traditional yellow gold tone of the classic wedding ring. Our suggestion was the subtle and smokey silver of nickle white gold. This material is very hard but has a beautiful shade somewhere between silver and titanium. Ange mentioned that she would like to have stones set into her ring but Paul wanted a simple band.

While they now live and work in Switzerland, Ange’s traditional homeland, they met on the Canadian slopes during a winter season teaming with international tourists. After meeting through some mutual friends and spending the season hiking and skiing it was clear they wanted to be together for ever. Together they travelled to Paul’s hometown in Australia and Ange fell in love with the colours of the landscape. So, when we talked about what kind of precious stones she would like in her wedding ring the answer was simply pure blue Australian sapphires.

After doing some sketches and making a few models we decided to set these beautiful stones in irregular discs using a ‘star setting’. To connect the two rings we had Paul’s plain white gold band bear the impression of Ange’s ring, so her ring gently nestles into his ring.

Needless to say it was a great project and lovely working with great people who are interested in wedding rings that aren’t then usual ‘run of the mill’. Thanks Paul and Ange and congratulations!