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Benny & Sare’s Wedding Rings


Benny and Sare asked me to design their wedding rings earlier this year. The couple who are both scientists working in the medical field, met at work almost ten years ago. They were excited to be planning their autumn wedding and knew that they wanted something truly personal for their rings, but otherwise were unsure […]

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Elaine’s ‘Family of Hearts’ Ring


Elaine’s ‘Family of Hearts’ Ring I first met Elaine and her beautiful family at a friend’s wedding. She got in touch shortly after to discuss the possibility of me designing a ring that symbolised her and her family. We chatted via Skype and exchanged emails. I did some sketches and we talked about which materials […]

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Danny & Maike’s Wedding Rings


When Danny and Maike came to the studio to I knew it was going to be fun to work with them on thier wedding rings. DAnny works in design and Maike is one of those naturally stylish women who effortlessly looks fabulous all  the time. I suggested the two of them visit a generic jeweller […]

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Paul & Ange’s Wedding Rings


Paul and Ange came to Coral Covey with a simple request. “We want wedding rings that are classic but have something unique and romantic about them” Firstly, we started with the material. Both Paul and Ange preferred a silver colour metal rather than the traditional yellow gold tone of the classic wedding ring. Our suggestion […]

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Exhibition at the Bavarian Crafts Council in Munich


It was an exciting week for Coral Covey with our first inclusion in a group exhibition. The current exhibition at the Bavarian Crafts Council in Munich displays a group of makers using the theme ‘Textiles’ and we were excited to display our ‘Super Undies’ at this exhibition. The exhibition runs from 9th July – 3rd […]

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Coral Covey supports The Money Stone documentary


At Coral Covey we are making a huge effort to source our materials from refineries that source existing silver and gold primarily from industry. That’s why we are happy to show our support for this amazing documentary featuring  the practices used in many of Ghana’s gold mines- These two enterprising film makers, Stuart Harmon and […]

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New Custom Rings!


This is our latest custom order – ‘Matzee’s Ring’. This special order was made for Matzee. He wanted a ring for his wife, Chrissy, that would sparkle like ‘diamonds in the sky’. This ring is made up individual beads that each have a highly polished negative space, creating a special sparkle. The outer surface has […]

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Coral Covey studios powered by Polarstern gas & electricity


Last Saturday Polarstern (our energy provider) offered their customers a guided tour of the hydroelectricity station at Feldkirchen on the river Inn. We were shown all the effort that goes into ensuring, maintaining and developing the habitat for all the animals, fish, amphibians and insects along the river Inn, running from Passau to Rosenheim. In […]

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Coral Covey launches on Etsy


In addition to the launch of our website we are pleased inform everyone that we also now have an Etsy shop. For those of you who don’t yet know what Etsy is, allow me to explain: Etsy is a special type of online shop which promotes primarily handmade items and some vintage items. The format […]