Travel well Pendant


Sterling Silver

This is a bespoke item. If you would like something similar please contact Laura.

A special pendant for a special daughter.

Sue contacted Laura about creating a special pendant for her daughter, Veronica, who was turning 30th. After a detailed discussion with Sue about what she thought Veronica might like and wear Laura had sketched down a few ideas and three main points.

1. Veronica loved to travel
2. She loved the outdoors and nature.
3. She was a good daughter.

Using these ideas Laura was able to put together the sketch below of possible pendant ideas and work together with Sue to create this elegant and personalised pendant.

This special piece is made from 100% reclaimed/recycled sterling silver with an 18-carat rose gold plating.

For more information on why it’s important to use reclaimed/recycled silver click here.

If you are interested in a similar piece or would like to ask Laura a few questions, simply write Laura on our contact page.


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