Three Sisters Ring


9 carat Rose Gold

This is a bespoke item. If you would like something similar please contact Laura.

This ring has two Australian sapphires and a diamond set on a 9 carat rose gold band

Laura made this ring with her two sisters in mind. Although they are all very different both in looks and interests, they have always shared a close friendship.

The sapphires selected for this ring are slightly different in colour and the diamond has a gorgeous salt and pepper quality. These stones were carefully selected to fit together in this unique setting that Laura designed and created by hand.

This ring was made using 100% reclaimed/recycled gold. For more information on the sustainable approached used at Coral Covey click here.

This sparkling ring comes beautifully gift packaged in a wooden box made by the New Zealand team at GIVE. These guys make special bespoke wooded jewellery boxes for Coral Covey that are made from sustainable forest woods with care, quality and workmanship. Included is also special care instructions for the ring.

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If you would like to select your own ethically sourced stones to be set into a custom design, get in touch with Laura to arrange a meeting.

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