Romance is Alive and Well


Platinum 950

This is a bespoke item. If you would like something similar please contact Laura.

Swirling lines traverse these two rings, intersecting at points and finally ending in two pieces of the puzzle that fit together.

Paul and Steve were looking for a set of rings – “something special.”

Laura met with them to chat about the details and remembers noticing how lovely they were with each other. Finishing each others sentences as they shared the beautiful story of how they met.

As they fine tuned the details, an engraving that traversed the two rings was decided. It became so detailed that Steve (who works in animation) created a moving 3D clip of how the rings would look.

This was both impressive and daunting. Laura suggested they take the CAD design to have the rings 3D printed as this way, they would be perfectly represented. But, they wouldn’t have it – they were set on having the rings handmade by Laura.

Hand-carved in platinum 950, these two rings tell the story of how their lives came together, with their initials on the inside (only making sense once they line up together).

Laura was delighted with how the final pieces turned out.

These rings came in a custom-made gift box, created by the New Zealand company GIVE. These guys make beautiful wooden boxes from sustainable forests with care, quality and workmanship.  Laura also includes special care instructions with each piece.

If you would like your own special set of rings to share your story so far, please do get in touch with Laura to arrange a consultation.

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