Oak Leaves in Autumn


100% Reclaimed/Recycled Sterling Silver

This is a bespoke item. If you would like something similar please contact Laura.

Combining tradition with a handmade unique design

Laura met with Kate at a café in Melbourne to discuss designing a special piece for her upcoming wedding day.  Kate had decided she would like bridal headpiece, which was a new and unique challenge for Laura. Over coffee, they talked through the details of the wedding, and it was very clear that Kate had put a lot of time and effort into the plans. She had some creative ideas to make her wedding truly personal, and Laura started to build her design from here.

Kate had some examples from the internet and explained that she wanted something similar but without the feeling of being machine made and mass produced. She really wanted something special, handmade and unique.  Kate was keen to use the oak leaf to acknowledge her Irish Celtic heritage, which also represents strength, power and wisdom.

Whilst making carved wax trials of the piece, Laura thought about how she could make something in sterling silver that would be light enough for Kate to wear comfortably in her hair on her wedding day. The thinly shaped wax leaves were then cast in 100% reclaimed sterling silver.

Each leaf was soldered onto a branch, before Laura made the comb from sterling silver to secure the piece in Kate’s hair. The headpiece has a brushed matt finish with polished edges to the leaves to give them a special glimmer.

“The end result was so beautiful, more than I could have ever imagined!” – Kate Masterson.

If you would like to meet with Laura to discuss your own custom made piece for any occasion, please get in touch.

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Thanks for your interest in my Ring Making Workshops. These are a really fun way to make your own wedding bands or make a ring for a friend.

For this particular workshop we need two half days of approx 3-4 hours. I will guide you both through what is possible, and then I assist you in carving the rings for each other.

– In the first class, we will meet at my workshop in The Nicholas Building and I will size you both and teach you both the art of wax carving the ring to the correct size.
– 2-3 weeks later, at the second meeting, you will learn to file and finish the rings together using classic jewellery techniques, tools and materials.
– You are not required to have any prior skills, materials or tools.
All of this is provided for you.

My price for the two half days is $790. Please note this is for both of you and that these are weekdays, however this does not cover the cost of the rings.

The price of the ring itself will be determined by three factors:
– material
– finger ring size
– band thickness

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