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18 carat Rose Gold & Platinum 950

This is a bespoke item. If you would like something similar please contact Laura.

Benny and Sarah met almost ten years ago and fell in love. They are a beautiful couple, full of laughter and fun, so when they asked Laura to make their wedding bands, she was honoured.

Laura met with Sarah and Ben at her studio in St. Andrews one sunny afternoon to discuss the design and creation of their wedding bands.

Ben and Sarah talked about a very memorable and romantic holiday they had taken to South America, where they visited a mountain range in Patagonia called Torres del Paine. Ben had decided while they were trekking through these stunning mountains, that this was the place for his proposal to Sarah.

He was not prepared with a ring, so instead he picked up a native flower (frailejón), which is unique to that area, and proposed with this. Later, of course, Ben gave Sarah a beautiful ring – one which had belonged to his grandmother. Laura suggested incorporating something to symbolise this special time. She suggested engraving images on the two wedding rings of the special flower, the frailejón, and the iconic Torres del Paine mountain range.

Sarah wanted her wedding ring to fit with her platinum 950 engagement ring, so Laura designed the shape of the band to fit around the jewel in platinum. Ben chose 18 carat rose gold and wanted a slightly thicker band. Despite the differences in material, shape and precious metal, the engravings featured on both their wedding bands effortlessly unite them together as a pair.

The rings were finished with a special technique to highlight the engraving on each ring.

Congratulations Ben and Sarah!

Both rings were hand-carved by Laura and each ring bears her maker’s mark and on gold rings, the carat used. Laura uses 100% recycled and refined gold.

Laura packages all her bespoke rings with their own special care instructions and packages them up in a handmade wooden box made by the New Zealand company GIVE. This company make beautiful bespoke wooded jewellery boxes for Coral Covey  with care, quality and workmanship that are made from sustainable forest woods.

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