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Sterling Silver

This is a bespoke item. If you would like something similar please contact Laura.

These two pairs of undies are made from 100% reclaimed/recycled sterling silver. On the spotty pair, the surface has been blackened with a natural sulphur oxide, giving it a darker finish, while the other pair has a brushed matt finish. Both pendants come with a 55cm sterling silver chain.

This piece was originally made for a group exhibition at the Bavarian Crafts Council in Munich where Laura spent many years studying her craft. The theme was ‘textiles’ and many makers from different fields were invited to create something that reflected this theme. Laura decided to make two sets of silver underpants. A clothesline with socks and t-shirts might yet be in the making.

Laura takes great enjoyment from making work for an exhibition or a special client. It gives her the chance to experiment with ideas she might not have thought of without the opportunity and create something unalike.

Some other examples of Laura’s unique custom made pieces are ‘Orion of the Night,’ a special pendant made for Marie in memory of her Grandfather and ‘A Union of Crosses,’ a set of cufflinks for Simon, commissioned by his wife as a gift for his 40th birthday.

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