Classic Meets Modern Ring


9 carat White Gold

This is a bespoke item. If you would like something similar please contact Laura.

It started as an idea which grew into this stunning ring

Robert approached Laura about making a ring for his partner after seeing her stand at The Rose St. Artists’ Market. They had a brief discussion but amongst the chatter of a busy market day they decided to meet in the city for a coffee to fine tune the details. Robert, a designer himself of stunning wooden furniture, understood some of the techniques Laura used to craft her pieces.  Together, the two artists started to formulate ideas for this special piece.

Robert used a ring that had belonged to his mother as an initial reference. This was a stunning ring – a classic style with 6 rubies stacked side-by-side along the top of the ring. Robert wanted to use this idea but take some of my style to make it unique. I love the way this ring came together! It’s so organic and wild but also has a real sense of order at the same time.

This ring is made from 9 carat white gold with one synthetic ruby in the centre cushioned on each side by two Australian sapphires.

I packaged this ring in a wooden box made by the New Zealand team at GIVE. These guys make bespoke wooded jewellery boxes made from sustainable forest woods with care, quality and workmanship. Included was also the special care instructions for the ring.

If you would like to start your journey of making a truly special ring, please get in touch with Laura.

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