A Ring To Match Her Eyes


18 carat rose gold with an Australian sapphire flanked by two Australian pink diamonds

This is a bespoke item. If you would like something similar please contact Laura.

Ben wanted a special ring with a stone as beautifully green as Britt's eyes.

One sunny afternoon, Britt & Ben drove up to to the Coral Covey studio in St Andrews to discuss a special ring. They giggled and chatted with Laura about their engagement while they brainstormed some ideas. Britt’s favourite colour was green which was also the colour of her eyes, so this had to be the feature.
This gorgeous couple knew they wanted an Australian sapphire as their main stone, so together we went on the hunt for the right one.  Britt found a stunning green Rubyvale sapphire, hand-cut by Scott from Langford Gems in Harndorf, SA.  She left the other decisions up to Ben, and I think he made some beautiful choices.
Ben decided on two Australian Argyle diamonds from ADTC Diamonds as the flanking stones.  They have a stunning pinkish quality that flows beautifully into the 18 carat rose gold Laura used to make the setting and the band.  Laura set all three stones using her ‘organic claw setting,’ allowing loads of light to shine into the stones.  The diamond are sit high either side of the sapphire, giving the ring symmetry, but also a cheeky imbalance.
Laura found working with Britt and Ben on this special ring to be such a delight.Congratulations Britt & Ben!
All of the stones used in this ring are ethically sourced with traceable origins. The gold is 100% recycled and refined, ensuring no new gold was required for the creation of this ring.  It’s always Laura’s aim to create jewellery with the smallest environmental footprint possible. You can read more about the sustainable approach used at Coral Covey here.
Laura packages all her custom rings with their own special care instructions and packages them  in a handmade wooden box made by the New Zealand company at GIVE. These guys make beautiful bespoke wooded jewellery boxes for Coral Covey from sustainable forest woods with care, quality and workmanship.

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