A Ring made using his Sapphires


9 carat Rose Gold

This is a bespoke item. If you would like something similar please contact Laura.

Occasionally an opportunity presents itself to work with sapphires that someone has actually fossicked (unearthed) themselves – this ring was one of those special occasions. ⁠

Dean had spent hours in the Australian outback sifting and searching through the earth for these bright little sapphire stones. He asked a professional lapidarist to cut them to get the best and brightest sparkle. They are all a little different in colour but the range is stunning – from greens, to yellows and even little oranges ones. ⁠⠀

He asked Laura to make a special ring for his wife. With two young kids they had not had much time to themselves lately. But, he was planning a surprise weekend away and he wanted to give her this special ring – how gorgeous is that?!

Laura discussed ideas and Dean suggested a ring that has layers. He said this would represent their shared experiences. Laura thought this was a stunning idea.

Handmade using 100% recycled 9 carat rose gold with five Australian sapphires, ‘grain’ set into the band.

Enjoy giving this creative and truly special ring Dean.

I recently had a ring custom made by Coral Covey for my wife. I cannot recommend the company highly enough. Laura’s craftsmanship was exceptional, you can see the attention to detail, professionalism and passion for perfection in the final product. Laura’s customer service was excellent – prompt responses, great communication and really striving to ensure that I got the ring that I wanted while bringing creative design and innovative thinking to produce a ring that is unique and beautiful. My wife and I were just so pleased and the whole process was so easy! Thank you Laura and we will definitely be back!!!
– Dean Williams

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