A Ring fit for a Princess


9 carat Rose Gold with three Diamonds

This is a bespoke item. If you would like something similar please contact Laura.

When Laura finished this ring, she was struck by how perfect it would be for a princess. Rose gold and diamonds wrapped in a beautiful story… this is what dreams are made of

Sue and Ramon approached Laura at the Heide Artist Market where they had a lovely chat about wedding rings. The two were planing their wedding and wanted some guidance on custom handmade rings. A few weeks later, they arranged to meet in Laura’s workshop to refine the details and discuss what this ring would mean for the two of them.

It was a second marriage for both Sue and Ramon, and they wanted a ring to symbolise their two families coming together in celebration. The large white diamond symbolises them, while the two cognac coloured diamonds represent their families. If you look closely, you can see the 9-carat rose gold ring has a vine that wraps all the diamonds together with a leaf on each side, accented with a few dew drops.

This diamond was sourced from a company that abides by the Kimberly Process“The Kimberley Process (KP) is a commitment to remove conflict diamonds from the global supply chain. Today, participants actively prevent 99.8% of the worldwide trade.” To read more about this incredible initiative click here.

When Laura finished the ring, she stamped it with her maker’s mark and hallmarked the gold carat. This piece, like all of Laura’s custom-made work, came complete with her official authenticity certificate stating the gold and diamond carat.

“We found Laura whilst wandering one of our favourite makers markets and fell in love with her pieces on display and workmanship. We took her card and knew this was the Jeweller we wanted to make our engagement ring. Laura is such a pleasure to work with, she listened to all our feedback on what we wanted to create with this special piece. We could not recommend Laura highly enough to anyone that is looking for a custom piece of jewellery that is made with sustainably and ethically sourced materials and injected with love by her. Thank you Laura”
– Sue and Ramon

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If you would like to select your own ethically sourced stones to be set into a custom design, get in touch with Laura to arrange a meeting.



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Thanks for your interest in my Ring Making Workshops. These are a really fun way to make your own wedding bands or make a ring for a friend.

For this particular workshop we need two half days of approx 3-4 hours. I will guide you both through what is possible, and then I assist you in carving the rings for each other.

– In the first class, we will meet at my workshop in The Nicholas Building and I will size you both and teach you both the art of wax carving the ring to the correct size.
– 2-3 weeks later, at the second meeting, you will learn to file and finish the rings together using classic jewellery techniques, tools and materials.
– You are not required to have any prior skills, materials or tools.
All of this is provided for you.

My price for the two half days is $790. Please note this is for both of you and that these are weekdays, however this does not cover the cost of the rings.

The price of the ring itself will be determined by three factors:
– material
– finger ring size
– band thickness

Custom-made Ring Request

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