Rings with a Sense of Home


18 carat classic yellow gold (recycled from old wedding rings)

This is a bespoke item. If you would like something similar please contact Laura.

A little piece of the Australian wilderness

Dani & Taylor were moving to Canada, however they were looking for a set of wedding bands that would remind them of their time in Australia. The two had lived in Melbourne and travelled in the continent extensively, however they were now embarking on a new adventure, and they wanted their wedding bands to tell a story of their time in Melbourne.

In addition, they had Taylor’s mother’s rings. They asked Laura to remove the stones and use the gold in these to create a new set of wedding bands. Laura was able to refine the gold down to its purest form and recycle it. Nothing went to waste.

Laura suggested engraving the two rings with the beautiful Mountain Ash eucalyptus gum leaf, a classic symbol of the Victorian bushland. Each ring has its own arrangement of leaves, both completely unique. The outside surface has a carved, textured surface, created when Laura carves the shape out by hand – each ring with its own marks.

Dani & Taylor were married in the beautiful Botanical Gardens in early November, before taking a flight to Canada. Travel well you two, and may the Australian bush always be with you on your journey.


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